Does Bodybuilding Deepen Voice? (Here Are The Facts)

does bodybuilding deepen your voice… I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

One of the most challenging situations an adult goes through is when he sees that his voice is not deep, whether you’re in a job interview, with your friends, or by phone call.

Sure, it’s one of the highest desirable qualities most men have.

But muscle-building impacts the development of that skill, and the answer is yes, but let’s explain it in more detail until it is explained how it works.

Let’s dive right in …

  1. Push-ups increase testosterone, helping you talk deeply:
  2. Give your body protein, give you a deeper voice:
  3. If you don’t give your body enough sleep, don’t ask him for the best:

What determines the depth of our voice?

The depth of sound is determined by the thickness and length of our vocal cords.

People with deeper sound have thicker, longer vocal ropes, and vice versa, and louder speakers have thinner and shorter vocal ropes.

The thickness of the vocal cords affects how they vibrate. Thick and longer vocal cords will vibrate repeatedly.

This creates a deeper sound. In contrast, thin and short vocal cords frequently vibrate, generating higher frequencies.

The thickness of our vocal cords is determined during puberty when our voices suddenly change.

Testosterone is one of the main hormones affecting the thickness of vocal cords.

High testosterone levels during puberty help thicken vocal cords, thereby generating deeper sound.

Because males generally produce more testosterone, their voice is deeper in a row than in women. (1)



Build more muscles, more testosterone, deeper voice

does bodybuilding deepen your voice

Some argue that muscles have nothing to do with your voice,

But they’re wrong … But why?

Going to the gym and building more muscles works to achieve two types of gains that can make your voice deeper.


1. The first of those gains:

Testosterone height: People with more muscles have more testosterone in their bodies, resulting in extreme pressure on the muscles while following the right and proper diet.

Bodybuilding helps achieve this with the right and continuous use of this sport. (2)

That’s why we find a lot of junior trainees asking this question:

“Is it normal that my voice became deeper after I started working out?”


2. Yes, and here we must mention the second type of gains:

In addition to the above effect of testosterone, when exercising, you inflate and empty the lungs, leading to the rib cage opening.

This allows for more space between ribs and other cavities of echo.

You also involve other important muscle groups, such as abdominal muscles, which will help control the amount of air you exhale.

The deeper sound revolves around the amount of air allowed to your chest.

Well, all we just talked about is in the case of a normal person.

I have tips & exercises that enable you to get a deeper voice later in this article.

But right now, let’s get to know the results if the person decides to use steroids 



Can steroids make your voice deeper?

Maybe you ever wondered about that !!

First: We must point out that there are many types of anabolic steroids prevalent in this sport,

But let’s focus on testosterone, a steroid naturally produced in a man’s body (as well as to some extent in women).

Testosterone and all anabolic/androgenic steroids (‘AAS’) are both

Anabolic (muscle building) and androgens (male)

This question contains multiple answers, depending on age and gender:

  • Taking steroids will not affect the sound of a man (an adult male who has reached puberty and his voice has already changed).

The human voice has already deepened, and the change that has already taken place is irreversible.

  • For a young man who has not yet reached puberty and for any boy, taking steroids will lead to the beginning of puberty, and his voice will quickly become that of a man.

This will be very undesirable and will have many other harmful health consequences.

  • For any female (regardless of age), taking steroids can irrevocably deepen her voice, which is the difference between both sexes.

But that, of course 

Regardless of the damage that can occur to females by taking a dose of these steroids. (3)


After we have learned about the dimensions and details of this problem, there must be the solutions chosen to help us reach a possible solution …



Best Tips & exercises that make your voice deeper

does bodybuilding deepen your voice

While it’s hard to change your voice permanently without medical intervention.

There’s a range of exercises that men can exercise for a while to help me speak in a deeper tone.

Although their implementation depends on the individual and his specific objectives.

However, anyone looking to reset their tone or voice record is advised to ask for instructions from a speech therapist or sound instructor to avoid accidentally damaging the vocal folds.


  • Push-ups increase testosterone, helping you talk deeply:

Push-ups are the best because they don’t take much time and can also facilitate neck muscle training which is vital if you want to get a deeper voice.

As mentioned earlier, testosterone is the primary responsibility for giving your voice strength and toughness.

Males and females who have a higher amount of testosterone enjoy a more deep voice; if you are male and skinny or obese and loud, this is likely due to the low testosterone you have.

Your body needs to be trained for at least two months to get a deeper voice to ensure a higher amount of testosterone.

And don’t forget to follow a healthy diet to get the desired results faster.

If you’ve never been to the gym …

My suggestion is to start push-up until you’re tired.

When you push up, try doing it slowly, this way, more muscles are activated, and your testosterone production increases.

Push-up twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening at least an hour before.


  • Give your body protein, give you a deeper voice:

If you’re an athlete, you must know the value and importance of protein.

Nothing like a hearty protein meal after a robust and challenging workout.

Protein is essential when it comes to getting a deeper voice. In addition to this massive amount of protein, it will also allow you to build muscle.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a direct relationship between muscle building and testosterone production, and more muscle-building increases testosterone by dependency.

As this hormone increases, the sound becomes much more profound; if you’re an active member of the gym and already eating protein powders, you should keep doing it.

Although if you never try protein powders, I don’t recommend them to start now; stick to protein-rich foods and eat plenty of meat and eggs.

Most people don’t recommend eating any dairy because it affects the sound; although this is true, it applies mainly to singers. (4)


So, unless you’re a singer who wants to sing in a deeper voice, it’s okay to eat dairy for you as an athlete.


  • If you don’t give your body enough sleep, don’t ask him for the best:

Sleep is not only crucial for increasing testosterone production, but it is imperative if you want to get a deeper voice.

If you look carefully through the above steps, you may have noticed a threaded loop that will make you enjoy a deeper voice. All the above suggestions must be implemented in sequential order,

It is crucial to let your body rest and recover.

While we sleep, our body works hard to produce testosterone, strengthen vocal cords and build muscle.



Male voices are lower and heavier than female voices because of a hormone found in males called testosterone. Testosterone enlarges vocal cords and results in more resounding echo.

Bodybuilding promotes testosterone, which in turn expands your throat, resulting in a deeper sound.

If you’re still wondering about the idea of going to the gym to deepen your voice, feel free to go, it will help you a lot, but while you stick to other instructions, your agent will improve dramatically and very quickly.

We hope you found this article interesting. Now I want to hear from you: Any questions? Or anything you’d like to see added to this article? Whatever it is, leave a note in the comments below.

1- Wikipedia2- Wikipedia3- Drugabuse4- Healthline

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